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Coffee Makers Are Big Business In U.S.

Coffee Makers Are Big Business In the U. S.

The average American drinks at least 3 cups of coffee daily. The United States is a leading coffee consumer with Americans drinking an overall 400 million cups of coffee each year. It's no wonder that coffee makers are one of the most sold products. The Cowboy Coffee Pot of the 1800's has evolved into modern, sleek machines that cater to the appetites of eager coffee drinkers.

Coffee is big business. Some reports state that coffee sales are increasing 20 percent every year. Specialty coffee ( cappuccino, latte, etc ) accounts for at least 8 percent of all coffee sales.

Who's Using Coffee Makers These Days?

The average American is said to drink an average of three cups of coffee daily. The average number of sales in a drive through coffee shop each day is 200 to 300 cups. More than 50, 000 coffee shops are expected to be open by 2010.
52 percent of American adults drink coffee. This translates to further than 100 million people drinking coffee every day. That's a lot of coffee makers. Women tend to drink coffee to relax while manhood tend to drink coffee when they're difficile to get considerable done.

When are the eminently coffee makers in use? 65 % of adults drink coffee with breakfast. 30 percent of Americans drink coffee between meals and about 5 % drink coffee with meals. 35 percent of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black. 65 % add sugar again / or favor to customize their coffee experience.

More than 18 billion dollars are on coffee each year in the United States. McDonalds is reported to take in $51 million each day just in coffee sales.

Americans are drinking more and more specialty coffees. Many are purchasing coffee makers that allow them to brew specialty coffees at home. Coffee maker manufacturers have risen to the occasion, creating increasingly sleek styled machines that brew great coffee quickly and easily. Pod coffee makers are used frequently by coffee lovers who want to indulge at home instead of driving to the coffee shop.

Pod Single Cup Coffee Maker

For coffee lovers who prefer a fresh cup of coffee each besides every time, a single serving coffee maker is ideal. Basic single serving coffee makers can be purchased for less than a hundred dollars. High end single serving machines can cost hundreds.

Pod coffee makers use premeasured coffee pods to bring about 8 ounces or less of coffee in less than individual minute. There is no hassle. Users simply fill the reservoir with water, drop a pod into the pod spot and push a button.
Some pod coffee makers facet adjustable spouts so that different sized mugs can be used with the machine. Larger water reservoirs are besides an added feature on some machines.

Pod Coffee Makers quickly and easily brew a cup of coffee in less than a minute. Prefilled pods make cleanup a breeze. Removable parts are often dishwasher safe and limited warranties are provided by most manufacturers.

Coffee is an American tradition. Those who love the beverage take their coffee drinking seriously. The availability of coffee makers that allow users to make specialty coffee at home has tremendously increased the coffee drinking population.


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